Online Quran Tahfeez Program.

  • Online Quran Tahfeez Program. Great opportunity for you and your children to learn the Holy Quran from experienced Qaris right in your home.


Our Mission

The best amongst your are those who learn the Quran and
teach it (Bukhari)

E-Qur’an Academy is an excellent program established since 2007 that has not only succeeded in making habitual for people to read the final message of Allah with great ease but also made it easier for them to recite it with utmost interest.

What is Tajweed?

Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning proper pronunciation of recitation, and Quranic rules and regulation. It is a set of rules which govern how the Quran should be read.

Our Teachers are well qualified to teach Quran with Tajweed’s rules and regulation. Many of them are University graduates in Islamic Studies Hafiz-e-Quran and Qaris. Well trained to teach Quran, Arabic & Urdu online .more…


Learning Quran made simple and easy by eQuranAcadamy.

You just need following basic requirements to start a lesson :

  1. A Pc or A Laptop
  3. Headphone/SPEAKERS and MIC.
  4. We use sophisticated and fine internet telephonic
    technology for audio & video teaching material which can easily be downloaded after registration.Quranreading online quran learning quran school

Why eQuranAcademy?

According to a recent survey 70% of teachers are not teaching the Holy Quran with Tajweed as most organizations do not have basic knowledge of Tajweed.

Unfortunately most people teaching The Holy Quran are either not qualified enough to teach it properly or simply not bothered.

We understand the nature of the responsibility and due to the high level of demand for our services and the ever increasing need have decided to launch this portal where you can reach fully qualified teachers and instructors from the comfort of your living rooms, offices
and schools.

So join us to read Quran with Tajweed yourselves and for your beloved children as Quran is not only necessary for children it is also necessary for everyone.