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eQuranAcademy.com is the first organization by world famous Qari”s that facilitates learning of The Holy Quran with Tajweed online.

It is an US- based organization with prospective offshore offices.

  • We aim to demonstrate how simple it is to offer The Holy Quran with Tajweed classes online.
  • We have been teaching it with Tajweed from 48 years and have over 50,000 students spreading lights of Quran around the world.
  • We have been registered from the state of NEW JERSEY as an online organization.
  • We are also operate world class academy in sialkot (Pakistan) with the name of DAR-UL-TAJWEED-WA-AL-QURAN as well as several other countries around the world including UK, USA, CANADA etc.
  • This organization is run by world renowned Qaris QARI SAYED SADDAQAT ALI & QARI FAQIR MUHAMMAD MASOODI.


Qari Sayed Saddaqat Ali has been teaching the Holy Quran in various countries like such as South Africa, Australia, England, America, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, etc.

He is the student of the legendry Egyptian QARI ABDUL BASSAT ABDUL SAMAD and has been awarded the presidential award of Pakistan “pride of performance”. He is regularly performing his duties as a judge in different international Quran competitions and has been delivering “AL Qurâan” program for the last 18 years from Pakistan television.


He has been teaching Tajweed and QIRAAT for the last 44 years in various countries including PAKISTAN, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, U.K and USA. He has published 8 books on the topic of Tajweed and has acquired various awards in national and international competitions of Tajweed and QIRAAT.


eQuranAcademy is an independent entity and is not linked with any mosque or Islamic or political organization. The only aim of eQuranAcademy is to teach Quran Reading with Tajweed and to promote peace & harmony.

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