Privacy Policy

eQuranAcademy is very clear and strict about its privacy policy because we are concerned about the privacy of our customers and try our best to keep their personal information private. Our customers trust us while giving their personal information like address to us while shopping from us. Thus, eQuranAcademy doesn’t want to break that trust and we know how to safeguard it. Hence, we have made very rigid privacy policy for the protection of privacy of our amazing customers.

Personal information of our customers:

The personal information of our customers like their mobile number, email address, home address and name etc., are kept safe with us. We make sure to keep this personal data of our customers private as we promise them to take care of their privacy. Our customers give us this information for completing the shopping process which requires personal data so we can contact them when it is needed. So, in order to make their shopping experience good, we keep their information secure.

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