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    Why Learning Quran Online is Better?

    Learn Quran at your own Time

    No Need to Drive Kids to Mosque at a set time everyday, Learn Quran at your own time at Home. Under your supervision high quality Quran Education for Kids and Adults

    One on One Quran Classes

    With our One on One Interactive Quran Classes every students gets their own dedicated Qualified Teachers with complete attention and and students is not left behind or disturbed.

    Weekly Reports

    Get weekly reports about the students progress, check in on your childs progress anytime and meet with dedicated student consellers to help and discuss your childs education.

    Expreience our Teaching Method

    Our Quran Courses

    eQuranAcademy.com has a very comprehensive curriculum that covers all the basic things necessary for learning Quran efficiently.

    Noorani Qaida

    Quran Reading

    Quran Memorization

    Quran Tajweed

    Islamic Studies

    Quran Translation

    Simple Class Requirements

    Laptop or Computer
    Internet or Wifi
    Headphones with Mic

    Easy to Get Started

    Step 1: Join Trial

    Join our 3 Days Free Trial using the form above and our Representative will give you a call to share more information about our program and schedule a mutual time with you do proceed to next step.

    Step 2: Assessment

    After our Representative schedules a time with you, Our Head Teacher will comduct a short student assessment with the parents through which we assess the student's ability to Read Quran and decide with parents permission wether he/she should start from where they were or start from the beginning.

    Step 3: Start Classes

    Once the student assessment is done we begin the 3 Days Free Trial, Student and Parents can join in and check for themselves if they want are satisfied , if they are not we offer another trial for complete satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, you pay the fee and we start normal classes

    Why opt eQuranAcademy?

    Qualified Teachers
    Over 60+ Highly Qualified Quran Teachers, who go through special tranining for to Maintain Quality Education

    One on One Classes
    With One on One Quran Teaching Method every student is taught with great attention and importance.

    Weekly Reports
    With weekly report cards so you can track your kids progress and learn more ways to provide islamic education

    Ikhlaq and Tarbiyah
    We give special importance to Ikhlaq and Tarbiyah of Kids while Teaching Quran and its importance.

    Meadningful Curriculum
    Along with teaching the Holy Quran, we focus on the teaching students about Basic Islamic Duas and Virtue.

    24/7 Support
    We have 24/7 Chat & Call Support for students and parents to help with any technical or other issues.

    Our Quran Teachers and their Teaching Pattern

    Our Quran Teachers Teach under superision to maintain Quality of Quran Education

    Many of our Teachers are University Graduates in Islamic Studies, Qaris and Hafiz-e-Quran

    80% of our Teachers speak fluent English in order to avoid Communication Hindrances

    All Teachers are well trained through our Internal Training Program to Provid Quality Education

    Students are examined by Supervisor with Monthly Tests to improve their Education Progress

    Learn Quran Online in Interactive Way.

    Read Quran Online with Translation

    As being a muslim we all need to read quran everyday, but there are times when you want to read quran but don't have the holy quran near you.
    Don't worry eQuranAcadey providers you with high resolution Quran images of the Holy Quran with sharp details and color for an immersive quran reading experience.

    Easy Quran Video Lessons for Beginners

    To learn any language you need to learn its Alphabets and Words Pronunciation, So Learn to Read Quran with Pronunciation with Detailed Video Lessons By Qualified Quran Teachers to Learn Quran with Tajweed and Proper Pronunciation. Easy Quran Lessons that are made keeping in mind the needs of kids and beginners.

    Read Quran With Translations

    Makkah Live

    Watch Makkah Live TV 24/7 Live Streams of the Holy Kaaba / Haram and its surroundings from differnt angles.

    Who runs eQuranAcademy

    eQuranAcademy is an online program for teaching Quran and Arabic to the people of many countries around the world including USA, Canada and UK.

    Our academy was established in 2007 and is a US-based Organization.

    We are registered from the state of New Jersey, USA as an online organization and our main office is also located New Jersey, USA.

    Our academy is run by the world’s renowned US-based quran teachers who understand the needs of quranic education for kids in USA.

    Our Academy has influence by Qari Faqir Muhammad Masoodi who also runs the international academy Dar-ul-tajweed-wa-al-Quran Pakistan.

    This academy has been teaching Quran with tajweed from 48 years and consists over 50,000 students.

    So, eQuranAcademy is run by such people who have great experience in teaching Quran.

    Our eQuranAcademy also has taught over 5,000 students till now which shows people's trust in our organization due to our credibility.

    Our Mission

    The Prophet (SAWW) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Bukhari)

    eQuranAcademy aims to teach Quran to the Muslims around the world in order to make them closer to their religion. We also aspire to make the learning of Quran easier for the people in a way that we teach online and everyone can feasibly learn the recitation of Quran from our platform even by sitting in their homes. Thus, teaching Quran and providing people ease in learning our holy book are our major goals.

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