Surah Takwir

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Surah Al Takwir Translation:

When the sun is folded up, when the stars fall down and the mountains are blown away, When camels big with their young are left untended and the wild beasts are brought together, When the seas shall be set boiling and men’s souls are reunited (with their bodies),

Verse 1-7 Surah Takwir

when the infant girl, buried alive, is asked for what sin she was killed, when the records of men’s deeds are laid open and heaven is stripped off, when hell burns fiercely and paradise is brought near; then each soul shall know what it has brought (of good and evil).

Verse 8-14 Surah Al Takwir

I swear by the turning planets and by the stars that rise and set by the night as it falls and the morning as it breathes away (darkness), surely this is the word of a most honorable messenger, owner of power and high rank with the Lord of the throne, obeyed (by the angels) trustworthy there (in the heaven) No, your companion is not mad, we saw him on the clear horizon. He does not withhold (a knowledge of) the unseen; nor this is the word of an accursed devil.

Verse 15-25 Surah Al Takwir

Then where are you going? This is not but an admonition to all men (mankind and jinns); To These among you that have the will to go straight. Yet you cannot will, except unless (it be) that Allah wills, Lord of the Creation.

Verse 26-28 Surah Takwir

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