Surah Infitar

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Surah Infitar / Surah Al Infitar Translation:

When the sky is split open, when the stars are scatterd, and the ocean are poured forth; then each soul(person) will know what it has sent forward and left behind (of good or bad deeds). O Man! what deceived you as to your Lord, the most Generous who created you, Gave you an upright form, and well proportioned you? in what ever shape He willed, he put you together. No you deny the Last Judgement. Verse 1-9 Surah Infitar

Yet, There are guardians kind and honorable, writing down your deeds who know of all what you do. The righteous surely shall dwell in bliss. But the wicked surely shall be in hell; there shall enter in on the Day of Judgement. An they will not be absent therefrom(i.e will not go out from the hell). What will make you know what the Day of Judgement is! Oh, again, what will make you know what the day of judgement is!…Verse 10-18 Surah 82 

It Is the Day when no soul(person) has power at all for any other soul and the Command, that day will be wholly with Allah Verse 19 Surah Al Infitar

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