Surah Ghashiyah

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Surah Ghashiyah / Surah Al Ghashiyah Translation:

Has the story reached you of the overwhelming Event (i.e.  The Day of Resurrection)? On that Day there shall be downcast faces, labouring (hard) and worn out, burnt by a scorching fire, they will be given to drink from a boiling hot spring. Their Only food shall be bitter thorns which will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger. (Other) faces that that Day shall be delighted, (of men)  well-pleased with their labours, in a garden, on high. Verse 1-10 Surah Ghashiyah / Surah Al Ghashiyah

Thee they shall hear no idle talk. Wherein is gushing spring and raised soft couches and cups set at hand; (silken) cushions ranged in order and rich carpets spread out. Do they not look at the camels, how they were created? The heaven, how it was raised up? The mountain, how they were set down? The earth, how it was leveled flat? Therefore remind them! you are only a reminder: you are not a dictator over them. As for those that turn their backs and disbelieve, Allah will punish them with greatest punishment. To us will be their Return and Then, verily, upon Is shall rest to bring them account. Verse 11- 26 Surah Ghashiyah / Surah Al Ghashiyah


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