Surah Ar Rahman

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Surah Rahman Translation:

The Most Beneficent (Allah)!. has taught (you mankind), the QURAN (by HIS Mercy). HE has created man. (And) taught him eloquent speech. The Sun and the Moon (run on the fixed courses) by precise calculations. And the stars and trees prostrate. And the heaven HE has raised high and set up the Balance. In order that you may not transgress (due) balance. But observe the balance strictly, (with equity;) not fall short therefore. And the earth HE has appointed for (His) creatures.

Verse 1-10: Surah Rahman

Therein are fruits and palm-trees with sheaths and grain in the blade and sweet-smelling plants. Which of your Lords favors would you deny?. He created man from sounding clay like the potter’s and the jin from smokeless fire. Which of your Lord’s favors would you deny?. The Lord of the two easts (is he), and lord of the two wests (the two extreme points where the sun rises and sets during the year) which if of your lords favors would you deny?. He has let forth the two seas that meet one another. Between them stands a barrier which they cannot overrun. Which of your Lords favors would you deny?.

Verse 11-21 : Surah Al Rahman

From Them, come forth pearls and corals. which of your lords favors would you deny? His are the shops that run raised up in the sea like mountains. Which of your lords favors would you deny?. All That is on earth will pass away. And abides the face of your Lord , Majestic, Splendid. Which of your lords favors would you deny?. All Those in Heaven and Earth Beseech Him. Every Day he is in (a new) affair… Continue Reading Surah Rahman Online.

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