Surah Mulk

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Surah Mulk / Surah Al Mulk Translation:

Blessed be He in whose hands is all sovereignty: and he has power over all things. Who created life and death that he may try you which of you is best in conduct. He is the Mighty, the Forgiving One. He created seven heavens, one above the other. You shall not see any fault in the creation of the Merciful? Then look again: can you see any rifts?Then look once more and yet again: your sight will return to you weakened and made dim.

Verse 1-4 : Surah Mulk

We have adorned the lowest heaven with lamps, and we have made them missiles for the devils and have prepared for them the penalty of the blazing fire. For those who disbelieve in their Lord, there awaits the doom of hell and evil indeed is (such) destination! when they are flung into it, they shall hear it roaring, while it boils up. As though bursting with rage. And every time a multitude is thrown therein, its keepers will say to them: “Did no Warner come you?”

Verse 5-8 : Surah Al Mulk

They will say ‘Yes Indeed a Warner did come to us, but we rejected him and said: “Allah has sent down nothing: you are only in great error.”‘ And hey will say: ‘If only we listened and understood, we should not now be among the poople of Hell.’ Thus they shall confess their sin, but far will be (forgiveness) from the people of hell. But those that fear their Lord, unseen, for them is forgiveness and a great Reward. Whether you speak in secret or aloud, he knows what is within the breasts… Continue Reading Surah Mulk Online.

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