Surah Buruj

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Surah Buruj / Surah Al Buruj Translation:

By the heaven of the constellations! By the Promised Day! by the witness and the witnessed! Cursed be the people of the Trench- the (trench with) fire fed with fuel; those- who sat around it and were themselves witnesses of what they did with the believers (i.e) burning them). And they had nothing against them except that they believed in Allah, The Mighty, the Praiseworthy, to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and earth. And Allah is the witness to All things… Verse 1-9 Surah Buruj / Surah Al Buruj

Those who persecuted the believing men and women and never repented, shall have the torment of hell and they shall have the punishment of the burning fire. Those who beleive and do good words, theirs will be gardens wherein rivers flow. That is the greatest success. Surely Strong is the grip of your Lord. It is He who originates and brings again. And he is forgiving and Loving. Lord of the Throne, The Glorious. He does what he intends… Verse 10 – 15 Surah Buruj / Surah Al Buruj

Has the story reached to you of the warriors of Pharaoh and of Thamoud? Yet the unbelievers deny it. Allah surrounds them from behind. Indeed this is glorious Quran, in the Preserved Tablet. Verse 16-22 Surah Buruj / Surah Al Buruj.

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