Surah Abasa

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Quran Surah Abasa / Surah Al Abasa Translation:

He frowned and turned away when the blind man came towards him. But what could tell you that per chance he might become pure (from sins) that he might receive admonition and that the admonition might profit him. But to him who thinks himself self-sufficient you do attend: although it is not your concern if he remained uncleansed. Yet to him who came to you running and with fear (in his heart), you gave no heed. Nay, this is an admonition; ley him who will pay attention to it.

Verse 1-12 : Surah Abasa

It is set down on honored pages, exalted, kept pure and holy in the hands of scribes honorable and obedient perish man! how unthankful he is! from what did he create him? from a sperm-drop; he created him and formed him according to a measure. Then the way eased for Him, then causes him to die and buries him. He will surely bring him back to life if He wills. No indeed! (man) has not done what he commanded him. 

Verse 13-23 : Surah Al Abasa

Let man looks at his food (he eats): that we pour down the water in abundance and cleave the earth asunder; how We bring forth the corn, the grapes, the olive and the palm, gardens, dense with trees, the fruits and the green pasture, (to be) a provision for you and for your cattle(to delight in). But when the deafening cry comes, On that day each man shall flee from his brother, his mother  and his father, his wife and his children:

Verse 24-36 : Surah Abasa

Every man that day will have enough to make him careless of others. On that day, there shall be beaming faces, smiling and joyful. And on that day, there shall be faces covered with dust and veiled with darkness these shall (be the faces of) the unbelievers and the wicked.

Verse 37-42 : Surah Abasa

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