Surah Naba

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Surah Naba / Surah Al Naba Translation:

About what are they asking?, About the Great News, About which they are in disagreement. But they shall know (the truth); Nay, again they shall come to know it. Did we not make (spread) the earth like a bed and the mountains like pegs and (have we not) created you in pairs and made your sleep for rest. We made the night a covering, and made the day for (seeking) livelihood, We Built above you seven strong (heavens) and paced (in them) a shining lamp, We sent down abundant water from the clouds, bringing forth grain and varied plants, and gardens of thick growth. Verse 1-16 : Surah Naba / Surah Al Naba

Verily, the Day of Decision is a fixed time. On that day the Trumped shall be blown and you shall come in crowds. And the heaven is opened and becomes as gates and the mountains shall be moved away and they will be as if they were mirage. Hell will lie in ambush, a home for the transgressor. There they shall abide long ages; there they shall taste neither coolness nor any drink, except boiling water and dirty wound discharges. An exact recompense (for them). They used no to look for a reckoning  and denied our revelations completely. Verse 17-28 : Surah Al Naba

But we have recorded all things in a book. ‘Taste this: No relief shall We give you, except punishment!’. As for the Righteous, there is an Achievement (paradise). There shall be gardens and vineyards, and high- bosomed maidens of equal ages(for companions) and a cup full (to the brim). There they shall hear no idle talk nor lying…Continue Reading Surah Naba Online Anywhere.

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