Surah Muzammil

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Surah Muzammil / Surah Al Muzammil Translation :

O you wrapped up in garments(i.e the prophet), stand (to pray during) the night except for a little; Half of it- or a little less then that, or add to it; or recite the quran with measured recitaiton. Verily,WE shall send down upon you a weighty word (or important ordinances). Indeed the vigil of the night is (a time)  when impression is more keen and speech more certain. Indeed for you by day is prolonged. And remember the name of your LORD and dedicate yourself to him utterly, the Lord of the East and the West; there is no god but he, So take him for your Protector.

Verse 1-8 : Surah Muzammil

Bear patiently with what they say and leave (their company) with dignity. Leave me (alone to deal with) those that deny (the truth,) owners of the comforts (of this life;) with them yet a little while. we have (in store for them) heavy fetters and blazing fire, choking food and a painful torment. (This shall be their lot) on the day when the earth shakes with all its mountains, and the mountains become a heap of running sand.

Verse 9-13 : Surah Al Muzammil

We Have set forth to you an apostle to be a witness over your, just as we sent to pharaoh an apostle. pharaoh disobeyed our messenger, So We ceased him with a heavy punishment. if you disbelieve, how will you protect yourself upon the day that will make your children grey- haired, (the day on which the heaven will split apart? His promise is certainly to be fulfilled.) This is but an admonition. Let him who will, take (the right) path to his Lord. Your Lord knows that you stand (to pray at night) a little less then two thirds of the night or half thereof are a third of the night, so does a party of those with you…Continue Reading Surah Muzammil

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