Surah Inshiqaq

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Surah Inshiqaq / Surah Al Inshiqaq Translation:

When the sky is rent asunder, obeying its Lord as it Must do. When the earth is stretched out and casts out all that is within it and becomes empty, obeying its Lord as it must do; (Then) O man, verily, you are working toward your Lord a work which you will meet (in his presence). He that is his book in his right hand shall have an easy reckoning and go back to his family in joy…

Verse 1-9 Surah Al Inshiqaq / Surah Inshiqaq

But he that is given his book from behind his back shall call down destruction (on himself) and burn in the fire of hell; for he was among his people in joy and thought he would never return (to Allah). Yes he would. Verily his Lord was ever watching over him. I swear by the glow of sunset; by the night and all that is brings together, by the moon, when it is at the full, you shall certainly travel from stage to stage (in the life and in the hereafter)…

Surah Inshiqaq / Surah Al Inshiqaq Verse 10-19

What is the matter with them that they believe not and when the Quran read to them they fall not prostrate. The unbelievers deny (prophet Muhammad and whatever he brought)l but Allah knows best what they gather (of good and bad deeds). Therefore proclaim to all a painful torment. Save those who believe and do good works; for them is a reward that will never come to an end. Verse 20-25 Surah Inshiqaq / Surah Al Inshiqaq

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