Surah Balad

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Surah Balad / Surah Al Balad Translation:

I swear by this city, and you are free obligation in it; (such obligation as would attach to a stranger to the city) And ( i swear) by the begetter (i.e Adam), and All whom he begot (i.e his progeny): We created man in labour. Does he think that none has power over him? He will (boastfully) say: ‘I have wasted vast wealth.’ Does he think that none has seen him? Have we not given him  two eyes, a tongue and two lips, and shown him the two highways (of good and evil)? Verse 1-10 Surah Balad/ Surah Al Balad

But he has made no effort to pass on the (way) that is steep. what make you know the way that s steep! It is the freeing of bondsman; the feeding, in the Day of Famine, of an orphaned relation or a needy man in distress; Then he became one of those who believed and enjoined patience and enjoined mercy. (Who do this) they are those on the right hand; but those who deny our revelations, they are those on the left hand, over them is a fire covered down (they will be covered by the fire without opening) Verse 11-20 Surah Balad/ Surah Al Balad

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