Surah Waqiah

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Surah Waqiah / Surah Al Waqiah Translation:

When there happens Event. There is no Denying about its happening. Abasing (some) exalting (others). When the earth is shaken with a (violent) shock, and the mountains crumble away and scatter abroad into fine dust, you shall be (divided) into three classes: Then (there will be the companions of the right hand) the companions of the right hand? And the companions of the left hand. what will be the companions of the left hand?

Verse 1-9 : Surah Waqiah

And Those Foremost (in faith) will be foremost (in the hereafter). These will be those nearest to Allah. In the gardens of delight.: a  whole multitude from the men of old, but only a few from the later times. On couches woven (with gold and precious stones) reclining on them face to face, and there shall go round about them youths ever-young, with bowls and jugs and a cup (filled) out of clear flowing fountains, whereby there shall be neither headiness nor will they suffer intoxication; with fruits from that which they choose

Verse 10-20 : Surah Al Waqiah

And flesh of fowls that they desire. And theirs shall be houris with wide, lovely eyes, like unto hidden pearls. A reward for what they used to do. There they shall hear no idle talk, no sinful speech, but only the saying, “Peace! Peace!”. Then (there will be) the companions of the right hand. what will be the companions of the right hand? They shall be among thornless lote-trees, and tall trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another, and spreading shade, amidst water ever-flowing and abundant fruits, neither ending nor unforbidden… Continue Reading Surah Al Waqiah Online at eQuranAcademy.

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