10 facts about Islam you must know

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Islam is a complete and perfect religion which is practiced by the Muslims around the world. Islam is the best religion and by following this religion truly can make us successful both in this life and the Hereafter. Islam is also a complete code of life as we learn about how to live this life from the teachings of Islam. However, there are many facts about the religion of Islam and in today’s blog, we will discuss the 10 facts about Islam which you all must know.

Facts about Islam:

Following are the 10 facts about Islam;

Fact# 1

The meaning of Islam is surrender or submission. The root word of Islam is salam which means peace. The meaning of Islam in religious context is to surrender one’s will to the will of Allah in an effort to gain peace (without any compulsion).

Fact# 2

Islam is the second largest religion of the world. Moreover, with birth rates and conversions, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Fact# 3

People who follow Islam accept and respect all the prophets of Allah. Also, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the last messenger of Allah who invited people towards Islam. He (SAWW) is the prophet of Muslim Ummah.

Fact# 4

Islam is the religion for all; it is not a religion for some specific nation but actually it is the religion for all the people in this world. Anyone can enter the fold of Islam by following the proper procedure.

Fact# 5

The teachings of Islam are given to people by Quran and Hadith. Both of them are sources of knowledge for the Muslims and they take any kind of knowledge from them.

Fact# 6

There are five pillars of Islam namely, kalma, praying or offering namaz, fasting in the month of Ramadan, zakat or paying poor due and hajj or pilgrimage.

Fact# 7

There are six articles of faith in the religion of Islam namely belief in the Oneness of Allah (Tauheed), belief in the all prophets of Allah, belief in the Holy Books of Allah that are Quran, Taurait, Zaboor and Injeel, belief in the angels of Allah, belief in the final Day of Judgement and the Hereafter and belief in destiny.

Fact# 8

Islam is a monotheistic religion which means that this religion preaches that there is one Allah and we must obey and worship Him. Allah is All-knowing and the Ever Forgiving. He is One and none is like Him. Only He deserves to be worshipped.

Fact# 9

Shariah is the Islamic law and Muslims regulate their lives according to Shariah. It has laws related to all matters of life.

Fact# 10

The religion of Islam gives women an important status. It was Islam which gave women rights and respect when Arabs before the advent of Islam used to oppress women.

Islam is a religion of peace and not only Muslims but everyone should know facts about this religion very clearly. This will enlighten the minds of people. Moreover, this will also help non-Muslims know about the essence of Islam and they will not accept any false narrative build by anyone to describe Islam. Also, these 10 facts about Islam are very important to know.

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