Know about these 10 facts about Quran

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Holy Quran is the last book of Allah and it was revealed by Allah (SWT) on Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). Holy Quran is a book of wisdom. It is also a book of guidance as it guides people to the right path. Quran is a book of truth and there are many facts in the Holy Quran. Moreover, there are many facts about Quran as well. In this blog, today, we will discuss the 10 facts about Quran which will enlighten our mind and increase our knowledge of Quran.

10 facts about Quran:

Following are the 10 facts about Quran;

Fact# 1

The meaning of Quran in literal context is “that which is being read.” Moreover there are certain names of the Holy Quran like Al-Dhikr which means The Reminder, Al-Huda which means The Guidance, Al-Furqan which means The Criterion for deciding between right and wrong. The other names include Al-Shifa meaning The Healing, Al-Rahmah meaning The Mercy, Al-Nur meaning The Light, Al-Haqq meaning The Truth, Al-Burhaan means The Clear Argument and Al-Mau’iza means The Admonition.

Fact# 2

Holy Quran was revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) by Hazrat Jibraeel (AS) who is angel of Allah.

Fact# 3

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was at the age of 40 when Quran was revealed on him (SAWW) for the first time in the month of Ramadan. The revelation of Holy Quran was completed in the time period of 23 years.

Fact# 4

The revelation period of Holy Quran can be divided into two parts. One part is the time period when Quran was revealed in Makkah and the other part is when Quran was revealed in Madina. The Makkan period is of 13 years and the Medinite period is of 10 years.

Fact# 5

The number of surahs in the Holy Quran are 114 out of which 86 surahs were revealed in Makkah and 28 surahs were revealed in Medina. The surahs of the Holy Quran have a mention of different incidents of our Prophets from which we can take great lessons.

Fact# 6

The Holy Quran was initially written on leaves and other things. Then it was compiled in book form in the era of pious caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA). Also, Holy Quran is divided in 30 parahs. The surahs of Holy Quran were arranged in the present order by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) himself.

Fact# 7

Holy Quran is the last book of Allah which is complete and perfect. Holy Quran is comprehensive and for the people of all times rather than for a specific nation.

Fact# 8

All the Islamic laws of Muslims have been taken from Holy Quran and Hadith. Holy Quran is the primary source of knowledge for the Muslims.

Fact# 9

With the expansion of Islam, Quran was being recited in many other countries but a difference in the recitation of Holy Quran was noticed in the Armenian battles. Thus, in Hazrat Usman Ghani’s (RA) era, the Quraish dialect was chosen for the Quran and for all and Muslims had to recite Quran as per that dialectic.

Fact# 10

Another fact about Quran is that the word Quran itself has come 70 times in the Holy Quran. Moreover, there are ten rewards for reciting one letter of the Holy Quran.

All of these 10 facts about Quran have given us great knowledge about the Holy Quran. From meaning of the Quran to its names and from revelation of Quran to its compilation in the book form, these facts about the last book of Allah are very important. We as Muslims should know all the facts about Quran. We can learn these facts by reading literatures on this topic plus by studying Islamic history

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