Objectives and Advantages of Fasting Regularly in Ramzan

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Fasting regularly in Ramzan is the third pillar of Islam. It is an obligatory duty of the Muslims that must be performed in the month of Ramzan. The word soum is used for fasting in Arabic language which means “to keep away” or “to control oneself.” In Islamic terminology, fasting or soum means to keep off from drinking, eating, intimate intercourse and smoking from sunrise to sunset.

Fasting regularly in the month of Ramzan has different objectives and advantages.

Objectives of fasting regularly in Ramzan:

Following are the objectives of fasting regularly in Ramzan;

  1. Fear of Allah:

Fasting regularly in Ramzan introduces fear of Allah (taqwa) in man as he prevents from bad deeds and performs good deeds while fasting. Also, he refrains himself from eating, drinking, smoking and intimate intercourse during the time of fasting because otherwise the fast gets broken. All these things produce fear of Allah in the hearts of men as it is because of taqwa that man doesn’t violate the rules and performs good deeds while fasting.

  1. Self control:

Another objective of fasting regularly in Ramzan is that it produces self-control in the people. The person who is fasting tries to control himself or herself from doing any sinful act. This makes him or her firm and develops a quality of self control in him or her.

  1. Empathy for others:

Fasting produces empathy for others in the people. When people fast, they feel the hunger and realize how poor feel, when hungry and unable to get proper food. So, fasting regularly in Ramzan introduces empathy for poor in people and they start to think about the destitute people of the society.

  1. Good health:

Fasting is good for health as studies show that it produces good effects in body’s system. Thus, making good health a great goal of fasting.

Advantages of Fasting Regularly in Ramzan:

The benefits of fasting regularly in Ramzan are as follow;

  1. Social benefits:

During the month of Ramzan, a kind of harmony is seen among people. Sehris and iftaris are being offered to people. Many friends and families sit together for iftaris and grand sehris plus iftaris are organized for poor. Also, empathy for the destitute people is produced in Ramzan and all these things ultimately strengthens the society.

  1. Moral and physical benefits:

The physical benefits of Ramzan are clearly the positive effects of fasting on the human body as soum is kind of annual cleaning of the stomach. The moral advantages of fasting regularly in Ramzan are certainly that self control is produced in the Muslims and they avoid bad deeds while perform good actions.

  1. Spiritual benefits:

Taqwa (fear of Allah) is produced in man during the month of Ramzan that makes him closer to Allah (SWT) and provides spiritual strength to the person.

  1. Rewards of fasting regularly in Ramzan:

The rewards of fasting person can be understood via following ahadees;

  • Hadith: Allah says about the fasting person, “He has left food, drink and desires for my sake. The fast is for me. So I will reward (the fasting person) for it. The reward of good deeds is multiplied ten times.”

Thus, fasting regularly in Ramzan has great objectives and benefits and this duty should be performed by Muslims with honesty in order to please Allah.

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