Aims & Objectives of Islamic Education

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Islam is a complete religion that guides us about all the affairs of lives. From every little to big matter, Islam guides us and gives us the solution of all the problems. However, in order to take guidance from Islam, it is also important to get Islamic education because via this education, we will gain knowledge of how to take guidance from the religion of Islam. However, it is also important to know about the aims & objectives of Islamic education as by knowing the objectives, we will be able to understand the Islamic education and knowledge even more clearly.

Aims & objectives of Islamic Education:

Following can be the aims & objectives of Islamic education;

Producing Social Change:

Islamic education is a great agent of social change. Social change can be defined as any change at mass level that affects the lives of the majority of the people. Thus, Islamic education can bring social change in a way that by educating people of the society, we can also reform a society. For instance, in economic matters of any state or society, as per the principles of Islam, interest (sood) is forbidden. So, by educating people about what Islam says regarding interest, we can transform a society via eradicating the system of interest from the economic affairs of that particular state. In this way, Islamic education regarding economy can bring a social change that will make the economic system of that society fair which was previously based on exploitation because of interest.

Knowing and Establishing Moral Values:

Another purpose of Islamic education is to establish certain moral values in society and people must follow those moral principles. Without morality, humans can become like animals. Thus, good moral values are taught by the Islamic education to the people so that they can behave as per certain norms and values. For instance, it is the Islamic education that teaches us to be honest, truthful and just etc. Thus, it can be called as the aim of an Islamic education that it teaches moral values.

Knowing and Fulfilling Haqooq-ul-Allah:

It is another aim of the Islamic education which is very important too that it guides us about haqooq-ul-Allah which means the rights of Allah. It is very necessary to fulfil the haqooq-ul-Allah which involve praying Allah five times a day, fasting, zakat, Hajj and many others. In fact we should do every good deed for the sake of Allah. Thus, Muslims must fulfil these rights of Allah in order to be successful both in this world and in Akhirah. Also, we can know about haqooq-ul-Allah in detail by getting Islamic education.

Lastly, there are many aims & objectives of Islamic education, however, we mentioned few of them. Muslims must get Islamic education in order to become better humans and pious Muslims. Moreover, our society can be reformed by getting the knowledge via Islamic education and using the knowledge of this education in practical life too. Thus, only getting knowledge isn’t enough but implementing it is also necessary.

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