Concept of Akhirat in Islam and Importance of belief in Afterlife

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Akhirat is an important concept in Islam and is one of the fundamental Islamic beliefs. The meaning of the word Akhirat is anything that happens afterwards. It can also be called as Akhirah or the Afterlife.

Concept of Akhirah in Islam:

The concept of Akhirah in Islam is summarised in following three points;

  1. After the life of this world, there is another world and life for mankind. That is called the life hereafter. The life of this world is just temporary while the afterlife is permanent and the results of actions in this world are faced in Akhirah.
  2. As this world is temporary, so the universe and all the systems in this world are also temporary and have fixed age. At certain time, all this universe will expire.
  3. After the system of this world will be destroyed, a new system will be formed. In that new system, all the dead creatures will be given new life. All of them will be presented in the court of Allah at final day of judgement where they will be held accountable for their actions and will be granted plane in heaven or thrown into hell as per their deeds of this world.

Belief in Akhirat:

The belief in Akhirah means believing that man doesn’t die permanently after death and he will be revived again to face the final day of judgement. The people with more good deeds than bad ones will be granted a place in heaven while those with more bad deeds than good ones will be thrown into hell. Thus, belief in life after death is one of the basic beliefs of Muslims in Islam. The fear of final day keeps many people on the right track in this world.

“For the righteous there will be heavens, and garden with flowing rivers and for the sinful there will be Fire (Jahannam). Paradise (Jannat) garden will be “a likeness of the garden which the righteous are promised,” there flow in it rivers, its fruits are perpetual and its shade.” (Al-Raad:35)

Importance of belief in Akhirah:

There is a great importance of the belief in Akhirah and it is a significant part of the teachings of Islam. The importance of belief in Akhirah is explained below;

  1. Definition of virtuous:

    The virtuous in Surah Baqarah is defined as, “And (in their hearts) have the assurance of the Hereafter.” This shows the importance of belief in Akhirah that the one who is virtuous believes in the Afterlife.

  1. It saves man from evils and committing sins:

    The belief in afterlife saves man from evils and committing sins because one fears the punishment that will be given on the final day in life hereafter for committing the sins in this world.

  1. Desire for Jannah keeps man on the right track:

    The thought of entering into Jannah as a result of good deeds gives satisfaction and happiness to a person. The desire of having a place in Jannah comes from the belief in Akhirah. Thus, due to this belief in Akhirah and hence, desire for Jannah keeps a person on the right track and he/she performs more and more good deeds.

Thus, the belief in Afterlife is of great importance in Islam and it is a very basic concept of Islam. The belief in Akhirat gives man a sense of responsibility and he performs his duties honestly and responsibly because he knows that he will be held accountable for his actions on the final day of judgement in Akhirah.

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