Important Facts about the Battle of Trench

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The battle of trench is also known Ghazwat al-Khandaq, Ghazwat Al-Ahzab and the Battle of the Confederates. This battle is very important event in the history of Islam. It occurred in 5 AH and Jews and Quraish with an army of 10,000 planned to attack Muslims. In this battle, non Muslims of Makkah and the Jews laid long siege of Madina.

There are some important facts about the Battle of trench on which we will focus today. Following are those facts;

  1. The idea of digging a trench was given by Hazrat Suleiman Farsi (RA):

    Hazrat Suleiman Farsi (RA) gave an idea to dig a trench in the north of Madina only as the other sides of the city were already protected by the natural barriers like mountains and trees. This idea was accepted by the Muslims and they executed it as well. Though the task of digging the trench wasn’t easy yet Muslims did so with courage, hard work and determination.

  1. Trench was built in 6 days:

    In the battle of trench, the trench was built in just 6 days by the Muslims. With the help of Allah, Muslims completed this difficult task with their hard work.

  1. The idea of digging the trench worked in the favour of the Muslims:

    The idea to dig the trench as a defence mechanism worked in the favour of the Muslims in Madina. When the forces of enemy reached Madina they were unable to enter the city due to the presence of trench as a barrier.

  1. Miracle that took place at Mount Dhubab:

    While the Muslims were digging the trench, a miracle took place at Mount Dhubab which is also called Mount Ra’yah. The miracle was that when Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) struck a large rock it was reduced to the pieces and it emitted a light. At this, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) gave the Muslims good news that Muslims will be victorious over Syria, Yemen and Persia; it were the glad tidings of the coming victories.

  1. Banu Quraiza betrayed the Muslims and went against the pact during this battle:

    Banu Quraiza was a Jewish tribe that had signed peace treaty with the Muslims. But this tribe betrayed the Muslims by going against the treaty and joining hands with Banu Nadir that was in alliance with Quraish. When the leader of Banu Nadir asked Banu Quraiza for help as they were unable to enter the city, Banu Quraiza agreed to assist them against the Muslims.

  1. A man that belonged to the enemies of the Muslims accepted Islam during the Battle of Ahzab:

    There was an elderly man who belonged to the Confederates and was respected by them accepted Islam during the Battle of Ahzab. His name was Nuaym ibn Masud. He came to the Prophet (SAWW) and informed him about his acceptance of Islam during the battle. Then Nuaym ibn Masud played a great role in helping the Muslims in the battle of Ahzab against the Confederates.

Though in the battle of trench Banu Quraiza’s betrayal put Muslims in difficult situation when the tribe attacked Muslim women and children towards the South; yet with Allah’s help, Muslims emerged as dominant and victorious in this battle when enemies faced storm and their belongings were destroyed and they had to leave the battlefield.

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