Battle of Uhud : All Things your should to know

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The battle of Uhud took place in 3 AH (625 AD). It was a war between Muslims and kuffar. After being victorious in the Battle of Badr, Muslims emerged as a great power in Arabia. The kuffar were eager to take revenge of the defeat of the battle of badr and thus, for the sake of revenge they attacked Madina again with an army of three thousand.

However, there are some very important things which you must know about this battle. Following are those important things;

  1. Holy Prophet (SAWW) gave in to the demands of the majority of the people during consultation about fighting the enemy:

    When Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) got informed about the attack of the Makkans, he consulted his companions on the matter. The Prophet (SAWW) gave the opinion that Muslims should defend themselves from within the Madina as enemy won’t be able to continue a long siege. But the several young Muslims for the desire of martyrdom wanted to resist kuffar outside Madina. Thus, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) went with the opinion of the majority and decided to go outside Madina to face the enemy.

  1. Prophet (SAWW) posted fifty archers at the spot from where the Muslims can be subjected to surprise attack:

    Muslims left for Uhud, a hill, to face the enemy. Prophet (SAWW) lined up his troops at the Mount Uhud’s foot. In this way, the mountain was at the back of the Muslims and the army of Makkans was in front of them. The mountain pass was the only spot from where the enemy could attack the Muslims. Thus, Holy Prophet (SAWW) posted fifty archers at this spot like guards under the command of Abdullah ibn Jubayr (RA) so that Muslims would be protected from any surprise attack from this side.

  1. Khalid ibn Walid attacked the Muslims from the mountain pass:

    When the Muslims remained dominant in the battlefield, the soldiers from the forces of enemy started to flee. The Muslims started to collect booty. The soldiers at mountain pass joined their brothers in collecting the booty and thus, left the spot about which Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) asked them not to leave no matter what. Abdullah ibn Jubayr (RA) tried to stop them from moving but no use. Except few, others joined their brothers in collecting the booty. Khalid ibn Walid was a disbeliever at that time and thus, he attacked the Muslims from the pass with his men. From this point, the position of the Muslims became weak in the battle.

  1. Hazrat Hamza (RA) received martyrdom in the Battle of Uhud:

    Hazrat Hamza (RA) received martyrdom in this battle when the lance of Wahshi struck him above the thigh. Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan, came forward and chewed the liver of Hazrat Hamza (RA).

  1. Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was wounded in this battle:

    Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was wounded in the Battle of Uhud by the blow of the sword and the stones hurled at him. Also, his front tooth was broken and he was bleeding. The hadith about this is as below;

    Narrated Sahl: That he was asked about the wound of the Prophet (SAWW) on the day (of the battle) of Uhud. He said, “The face of the Prophet (SAWW) as wounded and one of his front teeth as broken and the helmet over his head was smashed. Fatima washed of the blood while Ali held water. When she saw that bleeding was increasing continuously, she burnt a mat (of date-palm leaves) till it turned into ashes which she put over the wound and thus the bleeding stopped.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 159)

The Battle of Uhud gave Muslims many lessons and one of them was that Muslims must always obey Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). Moreover, this battle is a very important event in the history of Islam and Muslims must know about it.

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