Benefits of Performing Salat Five Times a Day

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Salat is an Arabic word which means ‘to pray’ or ‘to be near.’ Namaz is the second pillar of Islam and is a very important duty of the Muslims. It is compulsory to pray five times a day for a Muslim. Also, the benefits and rewards of performing salat five times a day are many for Muslims.

1. Social Benefits:

Performing salat five times a day organize the Muslim community and bring discipline in them. They meet five times a day in mosque or prayer room by which cooperation and harmony are increased in them. Moreover, mosques can become a community centres in which Muslims meet and can share their problems with each other in order to solve them. The praying of Muslims together also shows that all are equal no matter rich or poor that makes the community strong.

2. Physical Benefits of Performing Salat Five Times a Day:

For performing salat five times a day, Muslims perform wudu (ablution) which is the washing of different parts of the body with water. By doing wudu five times a day, Muslims get cleaned and this gives them physical purification. For namaz, Muslims wear clean clothes and on friday, take the bath as well. So, salat cleans the Muslims physically. Also, namaz does the work of exercise which is healthy for our body too.

Doing Wadu Before Performing Namaz - Benefits and rewards of performing salat five times a day

3. Performing Salat Five Times a Day Produces Good Habits in Muslims:

By performing salat five times a day, Muslims become punctual and take care of the time. Namaz is the duty of Muslims so performing this duty also produces sense of responsibility in Muslim people. Namaz also makes people organized and disciplined. Also, character building is done via performing salat five times a day and taqwa (fear of Allah) is produced in Muslims as strength of character is required to pray five times every day.

4. Spiritual Benefits:

Performing salat gives a satisfaction and peace to the hearts of the Muslims. The human soul finds relief in namaz as it heals too.
According to the hadith:

“Prayer has a healing power too.” (Maja)

The Muslims who perform salat also remain safeguarded from the sins that is good for soul and heart. It is stated in Quran:

“Prayer safeguards you from sins and lewdness.”

“And seek the help (of Allah) with perseverance and prayer.”

5. Rewards of Performing Salat:

With many benefits, there are great rewards for the Muslims who pray to Allah (SWT). Prayer is a key to paradise or key to the success. Moreover, while praying a Muslim performs prostration when he or she is near to Allah and for this, Muslims are really fortunate.

Rewards of namaz in the light of Quran and sayings of the Prophet (SAWW):

“Indeed, the believers are successful, who humble themselves in their prayer.” (Surah Al-Muminun 1-2)

“And those who strictly guard their (five compulsory congregational) prayers (at their fixed stated hours). These are indeed the inheritors. Who shall inherit the Firdaws (Paradise). They shall live therein forever.” (Quran, 23: 9-11)

“A prayer is the key to paradise.” (Mishkat)

“Whosoever prays 40 days with the congregation, attending the initial (Allahu Akbar) of the prayer, will be free of two things: hell fire and hypocrisy.” (Ahmad)

Hence, the benefits and rewards of performing salat are many which shows the great importance of this sacred duty of the Muslims.

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