Coronavirus – Averting Covid-19 by following Islamic Teachings

Monday, March 16, 2020 / 0 Comment(s)

Coronavirus is a pandemic that started from China and is now effecting people around the globe. People who are old or have diseases like diabetes or heart disease etc., are at high risk of getting affected by coronavirus. Currently, there is no vaccine available to treat this pandemic and many people have died due to it. However, people need to take preventive measures to avert this disease at first place and also make efforts to stop it from spreading.

How Islamic teachings can help in preventing coronavirus?

Islam is a holistic religion that has solutions of all the problems. Likewise, we can follow Islamic teachings to prevent this pandemic because there is no vaccine of coronavirus currently and all we can do is to protect ourselves from getting infected and stop it from spreading. Islam teaches us to purify ourselves. Thus, by following this teaching, we can keep ourselves clean and avert the coronavirus. We must wash our hands thoroughly with soap after we come from public or blew our nose because soap has capacity to make virus inactive.


Muslims perform wuzu five times a day before every namaz. During wuzu, Muslims wash different parts of the body thrice which cleans them. Thus, by doing wuzu, we can clean ourselves and prevent coronavirus.


Another way to prevent coronavirus is to cover your face because in this way, the virus from infected person’s sneeze or cough will not spread and also the normal person will be able to prevent the entrance of virus in his/her mouth. Muslim women way before coronavirus follow the practice of doing niqab which means covering the face. Thus, by following this Islamic practice of niqab or covering the face, can help in preventing the coronavirus.

Not leaving and going to the place where there is plague:

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) guided Muslims centuries before that one should not go the place where there is plague. He (SAWW) also guided us to not to leave a place if there is plague over there.

Abd ar-Rahmaan ibn ‘Awf (RA) said that I heard the Messenger of Allah (SAWW) say: “If you hear that it (the plague) is in a land, do not go there, and if it breaks out in a land where you are, do not leave, fleeing from it.” [Al-Bukhaari (5739) and Muslim (2219)]


Thus, from the above mentioned hadith, we can learn that in the today’s time of coronavirus pandemic, we should not leave our countries if the virus is spreading in our states. Secondly, we should also not go to the places where this coronavirus is spreading and infecting people. In this way, we can try our best to contain the coronavirus.

Moreover, looking at the medical science, we are also being told to isolate ourselves if we are infected with this virus and should not go in public to avoid getting infected. Furthermore, it is also important to avoid touching your mouth, face, eyes and nose because if virus is on your hand then it can easily go into your body from mouth and nose etc. Also, covering face, washing hands with soap for about 20 seconds and disinfecting certain places are some of the preventive measures given by medical science against coronavirus.

Lastly, Muslims can play their role in preventing the virus  by following Islamic teachings and making duas. We can do lots of duas with sincerity and ask Allah (SWT) to forgive us and save us all from this disease of coronavirus. We can ask Allah for help in finishing this pandemic from the roots. Thus, in this way, Muslims can play their part in preventing and ending coronavirus.


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