Fatah Makkah – Know About a Great Event in Islamic History

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The event of Fatah Makkah, also known as Conquest of Makkah occurred in 630 AD when finally Muslims established their rule in Makkah from where they had to migrate due to opposition of infidels. It is a great event in the history of Islam and is of great significance.

There are different events that finally led to the conquest of Makkah. It is a story of the struggles which our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (SAWW) and his followers faced for preaching Islam and for being Muslims.

Treaty of Hudaibiya was broken:

Right after migration to Madina, the charter of Madina was established by Holy Prophet (SAWW). Also, the treaty of Hudaibiya was made between Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and non Muslims living in Makkah. But the treaty was broken by Quraish and Banu Bakr, the tribe in alliance with Quraish, by killing the people of Banu Khuza’ah and they didn’t give any explanation of their offence.

Journey to Makkah:

The Holy Prophet (SAWW) then asked the Muslims to prepare for journey and keep it a secret. He told them later that he was going to Makkah.

Entering Makkah – Fatah Makkah:

On the morning of Friday, 20th Ramadan, 8 AH, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) entered Makkah with his head bowed. It was a humble victory. He (SAWW) was reciting Surat al-Fatah as he rode into Makkah while being victorious. He raised standard of justice, equality and humility. This marked the event of Fatah Makkah or conquest of Makkah in Islam.

Giving amnesty:

On reaching Makkah, the Holy Prophet (SAWW) granted amnesty to all so that none would be killed in Makkah that morning. Only those who courted danger ran any risk of losing their life. The Holy Prophet (SAWW) said, “Whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan is safe. Whoever locks his door is safe. Whoever enters the mosque is safe.” He also told his army that it shouldn’t use arms against anyone when they entered Makkah unless they face any opposition or resistance. Also, he ordered his army to not to touch any property or possession that belongs to the people of Makkah and nothing should be destroyed.

Cleaning the Haram from idols:

Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) got down from his camel in Makkah when things had calmed down. He went to the Kabah first and performed tawaf. Around the Kabah, there were three hundred and sixty idols. He started to push them over with a stick which he was carrying. Also, he was saying meanwhile, “The truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Falsehood is ever-vanishing.” (17:81) “The truth has come and falsehood originates not nor brings again.” (34:49)

Impact of conquest of Makkah:

The event of Fatah Makkah has great impacts on the Muslims. This event showed that finally the truth, which is the religion of Islam prevails and falsehood vanishes. Also, this event told us that Islam is the religion of peace as Holy Prophet (SAWW) showed mercy towards the people of Makkah when he entered it. The conquest of Makkah paved the way for the whole Arabia to enter into the fold of Islam.

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