First Kalimah of Islam

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There are six Kalimahs of Islam and the first Kalimah is Tayyab which means purity. Firstly, in Islam, the belief in Kalimah is necessary to become a Muslim. It is the declaration of faith. Also, Tayyab means purity which is the name of Kalimah so the person becomes purified from disbelief and a person becomes pure. Following is the Kalimah Tayyab in Arabic;

لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāhu muḥammadun rasūlu-llāh


“There is no god but Allah, [and] Muhammad (SAWW) is the messenger of Allah.”

First pillar of Islam:

The declaration of faith is the first pillar of Islam which means that believing from heart and reciting Kalimah Tayyab is the first pillar of Islam.

Two parts of Kalimah Tayyab:

The Kalimah Tayyab can be seen as comprised of two parts namely; belief in the oneness of Allah and belief in the prophet hood of Muhammad (SAWW) or the belief that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the messenger of Allah.

First part of the Kalimah – ‘lā ilāha illā -llāhu:

The first part of the Kalimah is, “there is no God but Allah.” It is the foundation of Tauheed. The first part of the Kailmah which is also the concept of Tauheed can be understood in the light of Quran;

  • “Allah! He is the Ever living, the Sustainer of the Universe: in reality there is no god but He.” (3:1-2)
  • “Allah is one: Allah is He on whom all depends; He begets not, nor is He begotten; and none is like Him.” (Surah Al-Ikhlas)

In ahadees, the first part of the Kalimah is mentioned in the following words;

  • ‘lā ilāha illā -llāh is the best rememberance.” (Hadith)
  • ‘lā ilāha illā -llāh is the key to Paradise.” (Hadith)

Second part of the Kalimah – muammadur rasūlu -llāh:

The second part of the Kalimah is, “Muhammad (SAWW) is the messenger of Allah.” Holy Prophet (SAWW) is the last messenger of Allah and believing in his prophet hood is the part of Muslim’s faith. The following verses of the Quran state about the second part of the Kalimah;

  • “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.” (Holy Quran, 33:40)
  • “Say Oh men! I am sent unto you all, as the Apostle of Allah, to Whom belongeth.” (Quran)

Hazrat Adam (AS) recited Kalimah and Allah forgave him:

When Hadrat Adam (AS) was sent to earth from heaven as a result of eating the forbidden fruit, he repented on his mistake for 330 years. Allah (SWT) then guided Hazrat Adam (AS) and he remembered the Kalimah that he had seen written in heaven. That was the first Kalimah of Islam and when Hazrat Adam (AS) recited it, Allah (SWT) forgave him.


The belief in the first Kalimah of Islam is the primary condition to be a Muslim and we should make our children learn it from the early age so that they must be aware that what is the foundation of their religion.

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