Healthy Ramadan Tips of Eating and Drinking

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Ramadan is a very sacred and blessed month in Islam which is observed every year by the Muslims around the world. It is a ninth Islamic month which is starts when the moon for this month is sighted. However, the routine in Ramadan changes and we surely need some healthy Ramadan tips of eating and drinking to keep ourselves healthy in this great month.

Sehri and Iftari in Ramadan:

The eating routine in Ramadan totally changes and Muslims do sehri before Fajr and then don’t eat or drink anything the whole day. Then they eat with Maghrib azan in Iftari. In this way, the eating routine of the Muslims changes in Ramadan and therefore, they need to eat healthy food. Moreover, in Ramadan, when a person doesn’t eat anything the entire day and then eat in Maghrib so, in this case, he/she needs some healthy Ramadan tips of eating and drinking in order to avoid any problem related to health.

Healthy Ramadan tips of eating and drinking for remaining fit in this holy month:

Following are some of the important tips for Ramadan about eating and drinking that will keep you healthy in this month;

Don’t miss sehri:

One of the healthy tips of Ramadan is not missing sehri. It was also the sunnat of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) therefore, by doing sehri we also follow Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Moreover, the meal you take in sehri gives you energy for the whole day and you remain active without eating anything. So, it’s better not to miss sehri and follow the sunnat plus remain active and energetic whole day. This will save you from getting sick or weak in Ramzan.

Eat and drink such things in sehri that keep you hydrated, especially in the Ramadan of summer:

In Ramzan of summer, it is essential to eat and drink such things in sehri that keep you hydrated the whole day. Drinking water and sugary drinks or shakes plus eating yogurt will keep you hydrated the entire day.

Eating healthy food in Iftar:

After the whole day when you don’t eat anything then at the time of Iftar being hungry is natural but you should eat healthy food in Iftari to avoid any health issue. Eating food items that are deep fried in Iftari is not good for your health so it’s better to avoid such meals that are deep fried and unhealthy.

Eating dates and drinking water or fruit juices in Iftar:

It is good for your health to eat dates in Iftari as they are very nutritious. Moreover, drinking water or fruit juices in Iftar will keep you hydrated as well but their overconsumption should be avoided plus these drinks (juices and water) must not be drunk when very cold. There is also a hadith that guides us about eating dates in Iftar which is mentioned below:

Anas Bin Malik (RA) said that, “The Prophet (SAWW)‎ used to break his fast with fresh dates before he prayed. If he did not find fresh dates then he would use dried dates. If he did not find that also, he drank a few sips of water.” (Ahmad and Abu Dawood)

In another hadith it was narrated from Salmaan ibn ‘Aamir al-Dabiy that he heard that the Prophet (SAWW) said: “When any one of you breaks his fast, let him break his fast with dates for that is a blessing; if there are no dates then with water, for that is a means of purification.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 658)

Avoid overeating:

It is quite common that in and after iftar, many people do overeating which is totally not healthy and should be avoided.

Thus, the healthy Ramadan tips of eating and drinking should be followed by the Muslims in Ramadan in order to remain healthy and avoid any health problems in this blessed month in which Muslims have a great opportunity to do more and more ibadat and gain the pleasure of Allah plus rewards.

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