Hijrat e Madina – an Important Event in the History of Islam

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Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is the last prophet of Allah who was born in 571 AD. Prophet (SAWW) received the first revelation in 610 AD. After that, he started to preach Islam secretly in initial stages and later, he preached the religion of Islam openly which was followed by extreme opposition from non Muslims. This opposition led to the the event of Hijrat e Madina.

What is Hijrat e Madina?

Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) with Allah’s order, migrated to Madina from Makkah which is called Hijrat-e-Madina. The migration to Madina is the event of Islamic history that took place in 622 AD after the opposition of non Muslims in Makkah became extremely dangerous.

Which events led to Hijrat-e-Madina?

When Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) proclaimed that he is the prophet of Allah and he is sent to invite people towards Islam, many non Muslims in Makkah went against him. The non Muslims in Makkah oppressed Muslims badly and didn’t let them practice their religion freely.

Counsel of non Muslims for eliminating Islam:

The situation became worse when the non Muslims arranged a counsel for discussing the plans to eliminate Islam. At the end of counsel a decision to kill Holy Prophet (SAWW) was taken, idea of which was given by Abu Jahal. He suggested that we should select a youth from each tribe and make a group, that group will kill Holy Prophet (SAWW). This plan was accepted in counsel.

Departure from Makkah:

Allah (SWT) made Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) aware of the secret plan of the non Muslims and ordered him via revelation to migrate to Madina. Prophet (SAWW) thus migrated to Madina and all these events led to the event of Hijrat-e-Madina.

Journey to Madina:

When Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was leaving for Madina at the night which was fixed for killing Holy Prophet (SAWW), he asked Hazrat Ali (RA) to lay on his bed so that the infidels may remain satisfied that Holy Prophet (SAWW) is present here. Also, the belongings and trusts of infidels were with Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) so he handed them to Hazrat Ali (RA) so that they must be returned to their owners. This was the level of truthfulness and honesty of the Holy Prophet (SAWW).

When Holy Prophet (SAWW) came out of his house which was besieged by non Muslims, he was calmly reciting Surah Yaseen. Then he threw fistful of dust towards non Muslims and passed away among them. At this time, Allah (SWT) helped Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and the dust which he threw made non Muslims lost their senses and Prophet (SAWW) easily passed away among them. From there, he went to take Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) from his house and they took refuge in Saur Cave for three nights.


The infidels on coming to know that Prophet (SAWW) left already tried a lot go after him and to capture him but failed. On fourth day, Prophet (SAWW) came out of cave with Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and they left for Madina. Prophet (SAWW) was greatly welcomed in Madina when he reached there. This marked the great event of Islamic history which is called Hijrat e Madina.

Islamic calendar based on migration to Madina or Hijrat e Madina:

After hijrat, Islamic calendar based on lunar cycles was established having twelve months a year. Therefore, the years of Islam are called as hijri.

Thus, the event of migration to Madina is an important event in the Islamic history which tells us that atrocities of non Muslims against the Muslims were so severe in Makkah that they had to leave their land and migrate to another place.

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