How to earn great rewards during Ramadan?

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Ramadan is the blessed Islamic month that is here and Muslims around the world are observing this month by fasting at this time of the year from dawn to dusk. There is great importance of this beautiful Islamic month and many people want to earn more and more rewards in the month of Ramadan. Thus, in this blog, we will talk about how we can earn great rewards in the month of Ramzan ul Mubarak and as Muslims, we all must be very interested in knowing that how we can attain more rewards in this blessed month of the Islamic calendar.

How to earn rewards in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak?

It is very clear that we all can earn great rewards by doing good deeds which Allah like. Therefore, we will discuss in detail that what can be those good deeds that can help us to achieve the beautiful rewards from Allah (SWT). Thus, following are some good deeds which we can do in the blessed month of Ramzan and attain the rewards.


In the month of Ramadan, we must be very careful about our namaz and offer all the five prayers right on time and we should not delay our prayers. Also, we must offer prayers with full concentration without having any thought about worldly affairs. We should not miss any namaz. By offering five prayers regularly in Ramadan, we can earn great rewards and seek the pleasure of Allah which is most important.


Taraweeh is a special part of Ramadan and it is sunnah. It is offered with isha namaz by Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Muslims usually pray 20 rikaats sunnah, in pair of two, as taraweeh. By offering taraweeh in Ramadan, Muslims can earn great rewards too.

Helping the poor and being kind:

In the month of Ramadan, we can also earn great rewards by helping the poor via providing them food and money. We can also arrange iftars and sehris for the people who cannot afford to have proper iftar and sehri. Also, we should be kind to others and avoid hurting anyone in this month as well. In this way, we can seek the pleasure of Allah and attain beautiful rewards.

Zikr and duas:

Another way of earning rewards in Ramadan is to do lots of zikr and say duas. One can recite the verses from Quran and say different duas like the duas of three ashras of Ramzan.

Recitation of Quran:

In Ramzan, we can recite Quran and complete all the 30 parahs of Holy Quran as well. In this way, we will be able to get more and more rewards from Allah (SWT). Moreover, we should also understand Quran and act upon its teachings so that we can be successful in this world and Hereafter as well.

Also, it is important to note that we should do all these good deeds for the sake of Allah alone and our intention must be to please Allah (SWT). With this intention, we should do all these good acts and earn great rewards and be successful in this life and Hereafter. Lastly, seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT) is also very important and we must do that in this blessed month of Ramadan as well.

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