How to Interest Kids to Learn Quran

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Quran is a holy book of the Muslims and learning this sacred book is extremely important for all the people who practice Islamic faith. Quran is the last book of Allah which He revealed on Holy Prophet (SAWW). All the Muslims want their kids to learn Quran. However, how to interest kids to learn Quran is a question which can arise in every Muslim’s mind. Thus, we have come up with a detailed answer to this question in this blog.

Tips of how to Interest Kids to Learn Quran:

Following are the tips of how to interest kids to learn Quran;

Ask Allah to produce your kids’ interest in learning Quran:

Dua is surely a great way to build your connection with Allah and ask Allah to fulfil your halal desires. Likewise, Muslims can ask Allah through dua to build the interests of their kids in learning Quran. We know that dua is a powerful weapon and we can always seek help via dua. Thus, Muslims should ask Allah to produce the interests of their children in Quran and in shaa Allah their kids will start developing their interest in learning Quran.

Told the stories of prophets of Allah from Quran:

We know that children love to listen stories. There are many great stories of the prophets of Allah (SWT) in Quran which you can describe to your children. In this way, kids will not only learn the great morals and lessons but also develop their interest in the learning of Holy Quran. They will also desire to know more stories of prophets and about the teachings of Allah that are in Quran. In this way, love for Allah will also develop in the hearts of kids and they will surely desire to learn Quran.

Make your kids listen the recitation of Quran:

The recitation of Quran always affects the hearts. Thus, Muslims can make their kids listen the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran which will impact their hearts and they will also desire to recite the surahs of Quran themselves. In this way, the interest of your kids will develop in learning Quran and they will surely learn the Holy Quran with full dedication. Thus, you must try to make your kids listen to the recitation of Quran more and more.

State the translation of the verses of Quran in front of your kids:

If your kids don’t know Arabic then you can state the translation of the verses of Quran in front of your kids. In this way, they will clearly understand the meaning of the words of Allah (SWT) and their hearts will get attached to the Holy Quran in shaa Allah. Eventually, your kids’ interests will be developed in learning Quran and they will start to learn this holy book of Allah.

As we know that learning Quran is very important and essential therefore all Muslims want their kids to learn Quran. In this blog, we tried to give you some tips or ways by which you can try to develop your kids’ interest in learning the Holy Quran. Thus, after knowing how to interest kids to learn Quran now you can use these ways and in shaa Allah your children will start learning Quran with dedication.

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