How to Prepare for the Day of Judgment?

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The day of judgement is a realty that will take place one day by the command of Allah. Muslims firmly believe in this fact that this world is a temporary place which will end one day and a day of judgement will come on which everyone will be given the result of his/her actions which he/she performed in this world. Thus, it is very important to prepare yourself for that final day but many Muslims may want to know about how to prepare for the day of judgment. Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about how you can prepare yourself for the final day of judgement.

How to Prepare for the Day of Judgment?

The brief answer to how to prepare for the day of judgment is to obey Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) in this world. Following the teachings of Quran and Sunnah in this world is a way to prepare yourself for the day of judgement. As Muslims, we know that what is allowed in Islam and what is forbidden. Thus, we should follow what is permissible and leave what is not in the religion of Islam. However, the detailed answer of how to get ready for the day of judgement can be given as well.

Observe Five Pillars of Islam:

In order to prepare for and be successful at final day of judgement, it is important to observe five pillars of Islam. The five pillars of Islam are kalma, namaz, roza, zakat and hajj. The very first pillar of Islam is followed by all Muslims as this is a condition for being a Muslim. The second pillar is namaz which means that all Muslims must pray five times a day properly. The third pillar is roza which means that all Muslims must fast in the month of Ramadan. The fourth pillar is zakat which means that the Muslims on whom zakat is farz must give poor tax to the those who come under recipients of zakat. The last pillar is hajj which means that Muslims who are financially good should perform the pilgrimage. There are great rewards of all these good deeds and thus, by performing them, we can get prepared for the day of judgement.

Seeking Forgiveness of Allah: 

Being human beings, we do commit sins as we aren’t angels. However, the important thing after committing a sin is to seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT). There is great importance of forgiveness in Islam and if we want to make our last day of judgement good and want to prepare for that day then you must ask Allah to forgive your sins. Repenting after committing a sin can help you prepare for the final day of judgement.

However, there are many other things which you can do to prepare for the day of judgement like recitation of Quran, doing good to the people for the sake of Allah and many other good deeds that Allah and His Prophet (SAWW) ordered us to do so. Lastly, as Muslims we must know about how to prepare for the day of judgment and we must worry about that day in this world plus make maximum efforts to prepare in the best way for the final day of judgement so that we can become successful in Akhirah.

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