How to Read and Recite The Holy Quran Properly

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Quran is the primary source of knowledge for the Muslims and is great book of guidance. Moreover, Quran also has healing power and our many diseases can get cured by the recitation of Quran. However, there are certain etiquettes of how to read and recite the Holy Quran properly which we must know so that we can recite Quran in a proper way. In today’s blog, we will discuss those things by which we can recite the Holy Quran properly.

How to Read and Recite the Holy Quran properly:

Though it is a very broad topic of how to read and recite the Holy Quran properly yet we will try to cover it in today’s blog in the best way we can. Before knowing the ways to recite the Quran properly it is also important to know the significance of doing so. Quran is a Holt book of Allah which must be recited with certain specified rules and ways otherwise you can earn sin for yourself. Thus, there is immense importance of knowing how to read and recite the Holy Quran properly.

  1. Recite Quran with tajweed:

    It is very important to recite Quran with tajweed. Tajweed is basically a set of rules which must be kept in mind while reciting the Holy Quran. These rules guide us about how we can pronounce the Arabic letters. Without doing so, the meaning of the Arabic words can also be changed which is very sinful. Thus, we must learn to recite Quran with tajweed and then do so in our daily life while the recitation of Quran.

  1. Wudu and cleanliness for reciting the Quran:

    It is important be clean and be in wudu for reciting the Quran. Your clothes must be cleaned and you must perform ablution before starting to recite the Holy Quran. It is stated in the Holy Quran, “Indeed, it is a noble Qur’an. In a Register well-protected; None touch it except the purified.” (Quran, 56:77-79) Thus, we must purify ourselves and then start the recitation of the Holy Quran.

  1. Sitting in a clean and respectable place with a respectful manner:

    Quran is great book of Allah and we must respect it by reciting it with the proper manner. While reciting Quran, we must sit in a clean and respectable place. Moreover, we should also sit in a respectful manner when we are doing the recitation of Quran. For instance, if you recite Quran in a room then make sure that the room must not be some dirty place but totally cleaned. This is a way to respect the Holy Quran and we must do so.

  1. Reading Tauz and Tasmiyah before the recitation of Quran:

    We must start the recitation of Quran with Tauz and Tasmiyah. Both Tauz and Tasmiyah are written below;

    Audhu Billahi mina-Shaitan-nir-Rajeem
    Translation: “I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the Accursed.”

    Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim”
    Translation: “In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate.”

However, we must not recite Bismillah before starting Surah Tawbah.

Thus, we must keep in mind the proper before the recitation of Quran so that we can do it rightly and without earning the sins. Moreover, we must place Quran at higher place like pillow etc., while reciting the Holy Quran to give it proper respect. As Muslims, we must learn and follow the rules of recitation of the Holy Quran as it’s a great and sacred Holy Book of Allah (SWT).

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