Iman-e-Mufassil and Iman-e-Mujmal

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Iman-e-Mujmal is the summarized declaration of faith while Iman-e-Mufassil is the detailed declaration of faith. Muslims learn both of them in the academies or schools; they are explained in detail below in order to understand them well.




“I have faith in Allah as He is known by His names and attributes and I accept all His orders.” 


There is a declaration of faith in Iman-e-Mujmal that a Muslim believes in Allah as He is with His names and attributes. Allah has 99 names and many attributes which are only His. Moreover, the 99 names of Allah also describe the traits of Allah. His features are of no one else like Allah’s power of sight and hearing are only His and none can have that.

Allah is the greatest and the most merciful Who is only one and none is like Him. So, Muslims believe in Allah as He is known by His names and qualities and accept all the commands of their Lord. Allah’s orders are binding for sure and by declaration of faith it is declared by a believer that he or she has faith in Allah and accepts His commands by being obedient to Allah (SWT).




“I have faith in Allah and His angels, and His books and His messengers, and the day of judgement and that all good and bad fate is from Almighty Allah and it’s sure that there will be resurrection after death.”


Muslims should believe in seven things which are mentioned in the Iman-e-Mufassil. It is important for the Muslims to have faith in;

  1. Allah
  2. Angels
  3. His books
  4. His messengers
  5. The day of judgement
  6. That a good and bad fate is from Allah
  7. Resurrection after death

By faith in Allah, it means to believe in Allah and accept the concept of Tauheed that Allah is one and only; none is like Him. He is unique in His existence and attributes. He is self-sufficient and there are no parents or off-springs of Him and none can be joined with Him. Only Allah deserves to be worshiped. The attributes of Allah are also unique and His powers are only His and of no one else.

By having faith in angels means to believe that there are angels of Allah who perform different duties assigned to them by Him. Believing in the books and messengers of Allah means to believe in all the revealed books of Allah namely, Quran, Turait, Zaboor, injeel and to believe in all the messengers or prophets of Allah.

The faith in fifth thing means to believe in the Akhirah (the day of judgement) when results of this life will be given over there and everyone will go to either heaven or hell, accordingly.  

The resurrection after death and that good and bad fate or destiny is from Allah are last two things in Iman-e-Mufassil upon which Muslims must have faith. Believing in the former will keep a Muslim ready for the life after death and having faith in latter will make a Muslim calm and patient.


Iman-e-Mujmal and Iman-e-Mufassil are the declarations of faith that every Muslim must learn and understand. eQuranAcademy aims to make Muslims learn and understand these basics of Islam in order to live a satisfied and peaceful life.


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