Importance of Eid ul Fitr

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Eid ul Fitr is the religious event of the Muslims that is celebrated after the Ramadan ends. This Eid is celebrated after the moon of Shawal is sighted. The Muslims around the world celebrate this event with great zest and joy. There is great importance of Eid ul Fitr and there is its mention in many ahadees.

Basics about Eid ul Fitr:

Eid ul Fitr is also called as the “festival of breaking the fast.”  Eid ul Fitr is on the Shawal’s first day and usually celebrated by the Muslims on first three days of Shawal which is the tenth Islamic month. Muslims start Eid by offering Eid prayer in the mosques. New clothes are worn by the Muslims and they greet each other. Zakat Al-Fitr is also given before Eid prayer by the Muslims.

Narrated by Ibn Umar: “The Prophet (SAWW) ordered the people to pay Zakat-ul-Fitr before going to the Eid prayer.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Importance of Eid ul Fitr:

Eid ul Fitr is very much important as it is the festival of joy and at this day, Muslims eat and are not allowed to fast. The importance of Eid ul Fitr can be known by fact that in ahadees, there has been mention of Eid ul Fitr.

  • It was narrated byAbu Ubaid: “I was present for Eid with Umar bin Khattab. He started with the prayer before the sermon, and said,  “The Messenger of Allah (SAWW) forbade fasting on these two days, the Day of Fitr and the Day of Adha. As for the Day of Fitr, it is the day when you break your fast, and on the Day of Adha you eat the meat of your sacrifices.”” (Sahih – Subah Ibn Majah)

It is clear from the above mentioned hadith that it not allowed to fast on the first day of Eid as it is the day of breaking the fast. Thus, the significance of Eid ul Fitr is shown by its mention in hadith.

  • It was narrated by Hazrat Anas (RA): “Holy Prophet (SAWW) came to Madinah, the people had two days in which they used to entertain and amuse themselves. He (SAWW) asked, “What are these two days?” They said: “We used to amuse ourselves and take pleasure in these two days during the Days of Ignorance (jahiliyyah).” The Messenger of Allah (SAWW) said, “Allah has substituted for you something better than these two; the Eid of Adha  (sacrifice) and the Eid of Fitr.”[Sunan Abi Dawood]

This hadith shows that Eid ul Fitr is the day of joy and celebration. Thus, this hadith shows the importance of the Eid of Fitr.

  • It was narrated by Hazrat Anas (RA): “Prophet (SAWW) did not go (to the place of prayer) in the morning on the days of Eid ul Fitr till he ate some dates, and he used to eat an odd number.” (Bukhari)

This hadith tells us about a part of routine of Holy Prophet (SAWW) on Eid ul Fitr and we must try to follow his Sunnah on Eid ul Fitr.

Moreover, Muslims hold this religious event very important and celebrate it with zeal as it is a day of joy when they meet their other Muslim brothers and sisters which produces harmony among them. Thus, there is great importance of Eid ul Fitr for Muslims and in Islam.

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