Importance of learning Arabic language

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Arabic is an important language which is spoken in the most parts of the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East and North Africa. However, there are many people around the world who don’t know the Arabic language and thus, the importance of learning Arabic language must be highlighted to them so that they would also learn the Arabic in order to gain many benefits.

Arabic is actually not an easy language and it may prove hard to learn it. However, after learning it, you will realize that there are many benefits of learning Arabic language. It is actually a macro language that has 30 modern dialects. Before starting to learn Arabic, it is important to know that it can be difficult. Preparing your mind for it will be good. It will help you to make your mind in order to deal with any challenge that you may face while learning Arabic.

Importance of learning Arabic language:

Following are the points that show us the importance of learning Arabic language;

  1. Understanding Quran:

    It is important to learn Arabic as by doing so you will be able to understand Quran clearly. Arabic is the language of Quran which is our Holy Book. Quran guides us in all matters of life. Thus, if we would know Arabic then we would be able to understand Quran easily. Hence, understanding Quran is the most important reason of learning Arabic.

  1. Understanding Ahadith:

    Learning Arabic is also important because in this way we can directly understand the words of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) without any translation. This will help us in many matters of our life as we can take guidance from ahadith directly if we would know Arabic without the need of anyone to translate the Arabic of hadith in the language we know.

  1. Easy to Memorize Quran:

    Another point that marks the importance of learning Arabic is that as it is the language of Quran and by learning it, we can not only understand the words of Quran but can also memorize it easily. It is a very clear logic that when we know and understand a certain language, it becomes very easy to learn any text in that particular language. Thus, learning Arabic will help us to memorize Quran easily and quickly, hence, showing the significance of learning Arabic language.

  1. Offering namaz with more concentration:

    It is important to learn Arabic language because after doing so, we can offer our prayers with more concentration. As we know that in namaz, there is all Arabic and salat is an important duty of Muslims by which they can strengthen their connection with Allah. So, when we will learn Arabic language then we will clearly understand that what we will be reciting in namaz and consequently, we will offer prayer with more focus. By offering prayers with focus, our bond with Allah will get strong as well. Thus, there is great importance of learning Arabic.

Hence, the importance of learning Arabic language can be understood from the above mentioned points. By learning Arabic language, we can understand the religion of Islam in the best way possible as Arabic is the language of Quran, so we should learn it definitely. Moreover, it is the fifth most common language in the world which further shows that why it is important to learn Arabic language.

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