Know about these 5 Virtues of Islam

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Islam is a complete and perfect religion that guides us about all the matters of life. There are many virtues of Islam and by following them we can earn great rewards. In today’s blog, we will discuss about some 5 virtues of Islam. Though there are many Islamic virtues yet we will discuss some five of them today. Thus, you can take benefit from this blog by knowing about those 5 Islamic virtues and following them in your life.

5 virtues of Islam:

Following are the 5 virtues of Islam;

  1. Doing Justice:

    Doing justice and being fair is a great virtue of Islam. The religion of Islam always guides us to be just and fair. In Quran, there is a mention of justice as well. Moreover, Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) also did justice in his life always. The incident of theft by Fatima and giving her punishment for that crime by Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is a great example of doing justice.

  1. Giving Zakat:

    Giving zakat to those who deserve it in order to help them financially is another Islamic virtue. Muslims are ordered in Islam by Allah (SWT) to give zakat (poor tax). Also, in Quran there is a mention of zakat which shows the significance of this deed. By zakat, social justice and economic equality plus stability come in society. Thus, we must not abandon to give zakat and do charity in the way of Allah. 

  1. Being Kind:

    Being kind with others is one of them virtues of Islam. Muslims are ordered to be kind and show morality. By being kind, we mean that we should love each other and promote peace among each other. As it is stated in hadith, “You will not enter paradise until you have faith; and you will not complete your faith till you love one another.” [Muslim] Thus, we should love each other and be kind with others.

  1. Being Patient and Tolerant:

    As Muslims, we always learn to be patient and tolerant. Whenever, we face a hard time in life, we must remain patient. Moreover, we should also be patient and tolerant while dealing with others. There is also a mention of patience in this hadith, “And whoever remains patient, Allah will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.” [Al-Bukhari] Thus, we should always try to be patient and tolerant in our lives.

  1. Seeking Forgiveness:

    Another Islamic virtue is seeking forgiveness whenever we commit a wrong act. If we committed a sin, then we should ask for forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Also, if we did wrong with someone then we should apologise to that person as well. In Quran, there is a mention of seeking forgiveness (tauba) as well which shows us importance of this Islamic virtue.

As Muslims, we should follow all the Islamic virtues including these 5 virtues of Islam; in this way, we will make our both lives of this world and the Hereafter beautiful. Also, we should make our intention (neeyat) right before performing any good deed as according to the hadith, the rewards of deeds depend upon the intentions and everyone will be rewarded as per what he/she intended. 

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