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eQuranAcademy is an online academy that teaches Quran electronically to the Muslims living in the western countries like America, England and Canada etc. Thus, the Muslims living in western countries can feasibly learn Quran via our online Quran classes without going out.

Learning Quran from our academy is feasible in western countries:

It will be easy and beneficial for the Muslims living in the western countries to learn Quran online from our academy because the students don’t have to go out to the distant academies for learning Quran. It is not a surprise that in western countries like America, Canada and England etc., the Quran teaching academies and mosques are located at far away places and not in much number like in the Muslim countries. So, it is not easy for the Muslims to send their kids to distant academies and thus, they need a good alternative.

eQuran Academy provides that alternative to the Muslims living in the western countries. From eQuran Academy, the Muslims can feasibly make their kids learn Quran via online Quran classes by sitting in their home and without going to the distant places. Thus, learning Quran from our academy is very feasible for the Muslims in the western lands. Also, it is safe and parents can supervise their kids as well while they learn Quran from us.

One-to-one online Quran classes:

eQuran Academy provides students with the opportunity of one-to-one classes which is much beneficial than group classes. Our one teacher teaches one person online and not more than one. In this way, the teacher gives all the attention to one student and students learn efficiently as well in this way as they are getting all the attention at one time. Moreover, this also makes a good bond between student and teacher; the student doesn’t feel shy to ask questions which he/she could in group studies. Thus, by asking questions and getting all the attention of the teacher, the learning process gets improved and becomes more efficient.

Register yourself for learning Quran online from eQuran Academy:

The Muslims living in the western countries can register themselves at our academy so that they can learn Quran feasibly and as soon as possible. Moreover, the parents can register their kids by visiting our website and register them by few clicks and we will start the process of admission and then teaching Quran online to your kids.

Best teachers at their service:

eQuran Academy has a team of professional teachers who are very skilled in their tasks. They teach Quran to the students with tajweed and proper rules. Therefore, our teachers are reliable and can be trusted by the parents as they make students learn Quran in a very efficient way.

Lastly, the Muslims living in the western countries need not to worry about how their kids will learn Quran as eQuran Academy provides the opportunity of online Quran classes to the Muslims who want to learn Quran but don’t have easy access to the academies in the foreign western lands.

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