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eQuranAcademy is an online academy that teaches Quran to the Muslims around the world. The academy is run by two reknown qaris namely; Qari Syed Saddaqat Ali and Qari Faqir Muhammad Masoodi. Our platform aims to teach Quran with tajweed to the Muslims in different countries of the world including America, UK and Canada etc. Moreover, learning Quran online at our academy always proves to be the best experience for everyone.

Problems of learning Quran in Islamic schools of the western countries:

Problem one:

In western countries like USA, UK etc., it’s not easy for parents to teach their children Quran. This is because earlier there were not much Islamic schools in the western countries and now there are some Islamic schools over there but those schools are not near every Muslim’s home so consequently, many people have to take their children miles away from home to the school and then take them back home. In every way this is quite tough because of the long distances between homes and the Islamic schools.

Problem two:

Then another thing is that as there are less Islamic schools in the western countries like States so the Muslim students’ strength in each school is also greater. This creates the problem for two to three teachers to teach for instance, fifty students. In this way, each student is not given equal attention as few teachers definitely find this hard to teach great strength of students. This directly impacts the students adversely as their learning gets affected.

eQuranAcademy as solution to your problems:  

In the following ways, eQuranAcademy is a solution to the problems of the Muslims in the western countries who find it hard to teach their children Quran in Islamic schools of the foreign lands;

  1. Working online, eQuranAcademy has made it easy for the children to learn Quran just by sitting in their homes. The problem to go to far Islamic schools due to long distances is finished by our academy.
  2. Learning Quran online at eQuranAcademy solved another problem of group learning in which every child can’t get equal attention by a single teacher. At our academy one-to-one classes are being held in which one teacher teaches only one student at a time. In this way proper attention is given to the student and he or she learns well.

Learning Quran online under parents’ supervision:

One of the many benefits of learning Quran online at eQuranAcademy is that parents are able to supervise what their kids are learning. This gives a satisfaction to the parents when they are aware that what their children are being taught.

24/7 customer support service of eQuranAcademy:

eQuranAcademy has a team of very passionate and professional people who perform their jobs or duties well. Likewise, the customer support service of our academy is also very good as its available 24 hours a day without any break. So, you can contact our customer support service anytime if you have any issue or complaint.

From feasible learning way to getting full attention of teacher to learning Quran online under parent’s supervision, eQuranAcademy has provided ease to many Muslims in the western countries like USA, UK and Canada etc.

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