New Ways of Learning Quran for Kids

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Holy Quran is the last book of Allah which was revealed on our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). The Holy Quran is a book of guidance for the Muslims. It guides Muslims about each and every aspect of life. Learning Quran is very important for Muslims and everyone should learn Quran and know how to recite it and what does it mean. However, today when the use of technology is quite common, new ways of learning Holy Quran are also coming. Thus, in today’s blog, we will discuss about those modern ways of learning the great Book of Allah.

Learning Quran by modern ways:

Initially, when it was the time of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), Quran was being written on bones and leaves etc., and memorized by Sahaba. With the passage of time, use of paper become common and people used to learn Quran from qaris by going to mosques and Islamic schools. However, in 21st century, things changed a lot and use of technology became common. This immense use of technology also played a great role in changing the ways of learning Quran. Thus, following are some two new ways of learning Holy Quran;

  1. Learning Holy Quran from Online Quran Academies:

    Learning Holy Quran from online Quran academies is one of the new ways of learning the Quran. There are many online Quran academies working around the world that teach Quran online. Many people are learning Holy Quran from these online academies. The use of these academies is more common in non-Muslim western countries where learning the great Book of Allah from qaris may not be that easy as it’s in Muslim countries.
    Our eQuran Academy is also an online Quran academy that teaches Quran online to the Muslims living in the western countries. Moreover, the Quran academies have made the learning of Quran very feasible for so many people as they don’t have to send their kids to far mosques and they will be easily taught at homes. Thus, the presence of online Quran academies has now become very important.

  1. Learning Holy Quran from the Quranic Apps:

    Learning the last Book of Allah from the Quranic apps is another modern way of learning the Holy Quran. These apps make a person to learn Quran himself/herself. These Quranic apps are very much effective and beneficial if they have proper features of transliteration, word-by-word learning system, audio translation and translations of words plus verses. Thus, in this way, learning Holy Quran from the Quranic apps becomes more efficient and accurate.

Both of the two new ways of learning the Quran have come into practice due to immense use of internet and mobile phone plus laptop; all these things are the results of technological development. Thus, the new ways of Quran learning are the outcomes of the technological advancements. Also, these ways are much easier modes of learning the Holy Quran therefore, for feasibility, people use these ways of learning Holy Quran a lot.

Lastly, with the passage of time, inventions take place and new things arise plus the environment changes too. So, with the time, we should adopt modern things if they aren’t against our religion, Islam. Likewise, new ways of learning Quran are also the results of inventions and development thus, we shouldn’t refrain from following these ways and take benefits from these modern techniques as much as we can but without going against Islam.



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