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eQuran Academy is an online academy that teaches Quran to the Muslim kids and adults living in the western countries like USA. It is very important for the Muslim parents who live in the western countries like America to make their kids learn Quran in order to keep them close to their religion. Thus, eQuran Academy gives such Muslims an opportunity of classes of Quran for kids so that they can learn Quran even in the western land.

Facility of classes of Quran for kids at home in USA:

As eQuran Academy is an online academy so it teaches Quran to the Muslim kids online. Therefore, the Muslim kids living in USA can have Quran classes at their homes without going out. This will be convenient for both the kids and parents as in United States, the mosques and academies are at distant places as they are not that much in number as they are in the Muslim countries like Pakistan. So, without going to the distant academies, the Muslim kids can learn Quran feasibly at their homes in USA and their parents will be satisfied as well as they can supervise their kids while learning as well.

Register your kids at eQuran Academy:

The Muslims who live in USA definitely want their kids to learn Quran as it’s essential for every Muslim. So, these parents can register their kids at eQuran Academy by visiting our website so that we can give them admission and their learning process gets started.

Our intellectual teachers:

eQuran Academy has very talented teachers in its team who are Qaris, graduates in Islamic studies and Hafiz-e-Quran. They are very intellectual and teach the students in the best way possible. They give answers to the questions of students so that no confusion remains in the little minds of the Muslim kids. Thus, learning Quran from eQuran Academy at home in USA will be good for the Muslim kids living over there.

Parents can supervise their kids who will be learning Quran at home in front of them:

As eQuran Academy provides the facility of classes of Quran for kids at home, so, the parents of kids can sit with their kids while they will be having their classes in order to supervise them. In this way, the parents will be knowing our teachers as well and they will be satisfied that their kids are enrolled at the right and safe place. Thus, there is a great benefit of learning Quran at home via eQuran Academy in USA.

24/7 customer support service of eQuran Academy:

eQuran Academy provides its students with the facility of 24/7 customer support service. Via this service, the students or their parents can make any complaints if they have and can tell us their problems. Our team will try their best to solve the problems in order to satisfy the parents and students with our services. We are very serious in solving the problems of our students and this can be shown by the fact that our customer support service is available 24/7 and we are always ready to help and solve the issue.

Thus, the opportunity of classes of Quran for kids at home in USA given by eQuran Academy shouldn’t be missed by the Muslims living over there and they should get their kids enrolled at our academy as soon as they can.

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