Rights of Parents in Islam

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Islam is not only a religion but a way of life as well that teaches and guides the Muslims to live their lives in a better way and with good moral values. Therefore, Muslims are ordered to be moral and certain rights plus duties have been assigned for them. Likewise, Islam has clearly stated about the rights of parents which should be given to them by their children. This makes the lives balanced and better; based on morality and kindness.

Rights of parents in Islam:

Parents has following rights in Islam;

Respect of parents:

Respecting parents is a moral act and Muslims should always give their parents utmost respect as it’s the right of the parents.

Abdullah Ibn Masood (RA) said that he asked the Prophet (SAWW) that which is the deed Allah likes the most. He (SAWW) replied, “Prayer that is offered on time.” He (RA) asked him, “Then what?” The Prophet (SAWW) replied, “Kindness and respect towards parents.” (Al-Bukhari)

Taking parents’ care and being kind with them in their old age:

Parents also have this right that their children must take their proper care and be kind plus gentle with them in their old age. It is the time when parents need their children the most just like kids need the parents in their childhood.

“And your Lord has decreed that you should worship no one except Him, and that you should show kindness to your parents. Whether one or both of them reach old age with you, don’t say the slightest harsh word to them out of irritation and don’t be harsh with them but speak to them with gentleness and generosity.” (Quran 17:23)

Obedience of parents:

Another right of parents is showing obedience to them. Children must not disobey their parents except when parents go against Allah (SWT).

“We’ve instructed man to honour his parents, but if they try to make you join with Me something about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them.” (Surah Al-Ankaboot, 29:8)

The Prophet (SAWW) once asked his companions, “Shall I not inform you about the greatest of the major sins?” “Yes, please do, Messenger of Allah (SAWW),” they replied. He (SAWW) said, “Joining partners with Allah in worship and disobedience to parents.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari: 5918)

Loving and not harming parents:

It is obligatory for the children to not to harm their parents. Moreover, loving parents by children is another right of parents in Islam.

“…No mother should be harmed through her child and no father through his child…” (Quran 2: 233)

Importance of giving the rights to parents in Islam:

Parents are really important people of one’s life and therefore, giving them their rights is of great significance in Islam. It is in the hadith that paradise is under the feet of mother which shows the status of mother and importance of obeying her.

The Prophet (SAWW) said, “A parent is the middle gate of all the gates of Heaven. (that means, obeying parents leads to entering the Heaven from its middle gate, which is the best of all) Now, if you like, you may lose it or keep it.” (Sunan At-Tirmidhi: 1900)


Thus, Islam tells Muslims to give parents their rights by obeying plus respecting them and doing much more for them. This makes the life of a Muslim balanced and better with full of blessings.

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