The Significance of Akhlaq – Moral Values in Islam

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The word Akhlaq is an Arabic term that refers to good conduct, moral values, ethics or morality etc. Great importance has been attached to akhlaq in Islam and Prophet (SAWW) has told Muslims several times the significance of moral values and good conduct.

Importance of Akhlaq:

Ahadees that show the significance of good character:

Prophet (SAWW) had best akhlaq and was an example for Muslims. He had great conduct and character. Following are the ahadees that show the importance of ikhlaq or good conduct or character;

  • “The only reason why I am sent is to perfect good Akhlaq.”
  • “The most beloved of you to Allah is the best of you in Ikhlaq”(Bukhari)
  • “There is nothing weightier in the scales than good Akhlaq.”(Abu Dawood).

All the above mentioned ahadees clearly tell us the significance of akhlaq in Islam. Those who have best character will be beloved to Allah and goof akhlaq makes the scale heavier.

Some of the Quranic verses that have mentioned akhlaq:

  • “Truly, your character is Excellent.”(Quran, Al Qalam: 5). 
  • “Indeed, you are of lofty character”(Quran, Al-Qalam: 4)

In both the above mentioned Quranic verses, the character of Prophet (SAWW) is praised as He (SAWW) used to have the best character and good conduct ever. The mention of akhlaq in Quran and ahadees show that akhlaq are very important for the Muslims.

List of some of the moral values in Islam:

  1. Honesty:

Honesty is one of the greatest moral values in Islam and without it destruction of everything is the consequence. To be honest is very essential for better social and economical dealings.

  1. Truthfulness:

Bring truthful is very necessary for a Muslim as lying only creates more problems. Prophet (SAWW) said, “ Truth saves man from all peril and lying kills him.”  Speaking truth is always powerful and beneficial while lying leads to the destruction only.

  1. Fulfilment of promises:

Another moral value in Islam is the fulfilment of the promises. Many of the dealings of people are done on the basis of the promise. So, if the promises are kept then things remain smooth and order is maintained in the society otherwise there will be restlessness and distress in the environment. The best example of fulfilment of promise is strictly following the treaty of Hudaibiya by Prophet (SAWW) even when Abu Jandal came to Prophet (SAWW) in chains with signs of heavy torture from Makkah. This tells us that fulfilment of promise becomes hard at times but doing so is important for good character.

  1. Justice:

Justice is another moral value that is really significant for the social order as without justice, inequality prevails and thus, unstable society is formed. Holy Prophet (SAWW) has declared just ruler as the shadow of Allah. This shows the importance of justice in Islam.

  1. Respect of law:

Following and respecting the laws is also a great moral value and it’s one example is the famous incident in which the Prophet (SAWW) ordered to punish the woman who was involved in theft despite she was influential.

Moral values, good conduct or the best akhlaq are necessary to live a peaceful and receptacle life plus the rewards of good akhlaq are many that can save Muslims on the day of judgement.

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