Some Important Facts about Battle of Badr

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The Battle of Badr was fought between Muslims and non Muslims in 2nd AH (624 AD). When Holy Prophet (SAWW) and other Muslims migrated to Madina, the kuffar still didn’t stop opposing the Muslims. They sent threats to Muslims in Madina. This ultimately took things towards war as Allah (SWT) revealed the verses of Quran in which He gave the permission to the Muslims to fight the disbelievers.

“Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is Competent to give them victory.” (Surah Hajj: 39)

The Muslims at that time received the permission to fight the disbelievers and they also had the support of Ansars and a place in the form of Madina where Islam prevailed. It was a right time for jihad for sure.

However, there are some important facts about the Battle of Badr which we will talk about today.

  1. Muslims’ army and weapons:

    The army of Muslims was less in number than that of kuffar in the Badr’s battle. The Muslims’ army was 313 in number out of such 82 to 86 were the Muhajireen (emigrants from Makkah) and the others were Ansaar. Muslims had only two horses and 70 camels which they could use for riding. Some of the Muslims didn’t have proper weapons to fight as they had swords but no bows or arrows.

  1. Rain and sleep as blessing for Muslims:

    Before the Muslims, the kuffar had taken over the raised piece of land and the only choice Muslims had is to take low lying sandy spot. But Allah blessed the Muslims with rain. It appeared as blessing for the believers but an obstacle for the kuffar. Moreover, the Muslims felt sleepy and fell asleep which relaxed them. However, the Prophet (SAWW) spent the whole night in prayer.

  1. First encounter of Battle of Badr:

    The first encounter in this battle was between Utbah, Shaibah and Al-Waleed from disbelievers and Hazrat Ubaidah (RA), Hazrat Hamzah (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA) from the Muslims’ side. In this encounter, all the three men from the sides of disbelievers were killed by the Muslim men.

  1. Appearance of angels in the Badr’s battle:

    In this battle, angels appeared to aid the Muslims as per many narrations. In Sahih Muslim, it is stated that Hazrat Ibn Abbas (RA) said, “While on that day a Muslim from Ansaar was chasing the disbeliever, he heard over him the swashing of a whip and the voice of the rider saying: ‘Go ahead Haizum.’ He looked at the disbelievers who had fallen on the ground on his back. The man came to Messenger of Allah (SAWW) and related the incident upon which the Allah’s Messenger (SAWW) said: “You have told the truth. This was the help from the third heaven.”

In the Battle of Badr, Muslims emerged as victorious and they defeated the disbelievers with the help of Allah. The kuffar faced a great loss as their 70 best men were lost and 70 were taken as prisoners by the believers. Only 14 Muslims received martyrdom in this battle. After Badr’s battle, Muslims emerged as a powerful and courageous nation.

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