Type of Mistakes while Quran Recitation?

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How many  Type of Mistakes people make while Quran Recitation?

There are two types of mistakes we make while Quran Recitation(tilawat):

  1. Lehne Jali
  2. Lehne Khafi

Lehne Jali (big mistake)

There are four types of mistakes in Lehne Jali.

  1. Change the letter with other letter,
    Example:  اَلحَمدُ (right) change with اَلھَمدُ (wrong)
  2. Stretch or increase the letter, 
    Exampleلَم یَلِد (right) change with لَم یَا لِد (wrong)
  3.  Short or decrease a letter,
    Example: وَلَم یُو لَد (right) change with وَلَم یَلِد (wrong)
  4. Changing the Fatha Kasra or Dhamma (zabar, zer, pesh)
    Example: اَنعَمتَ (right) change with اَنعَمتُ (wrong) 

Result: Reading Quran with Lehne Jali is prohibited and haram and salat will break if you recite with Lehne Jali. 

Lehne Khafi (small mistake)

There are certain rules in tajweed which makes the letters beautiful, breaking those rules is committing Lehne Khafi.

Example : If letter before  اَللّٰهُ Laam has Fathah or Damma on it, Allah’s Laam read with full or thick sound but if someone read  Allah’s Laam with thin or light sound it will be Lehne Khafi.

Result : This is Makruh if you Recite with Lehne Khafi, Allah may get Angry, So We should avoid Lehne Khafi.

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