What is hadith? Know about its Importance

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What is Hadith? Hadith is an important source of knowledge for the Muslims, therefore, today we will discuss about hadith. What is hadith? It’s a simple question which can be answered in great detail. As Muslims, we should know about the basics and importance of hadith as Hadith guides us in matters of our life. Therefore, it is significant to know about hadith and its basics plus importance.

What is hadith?

Hadith is the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) which guides Muslims about the affairs of this world and the Hereafter. Moreover, the acts of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) is called Sunnah and the Sunnah recorded in written form is called hadith as well. Also, the silent approval of the Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is also called hadith. The sayings, actions and silent approval of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) were narrated by the companions of the Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) which were later compiled in collections of hadith by the great scholars.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the last Prophet of Allah and Quran is the last Holy Book which was revealed to the Holy Prophet (SAWW). Thus, the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) are very important which are according to the teachings of Quran. Moreover, hadith helps a lot in explaining the details of many things that are mentioned in Quran. There are also some ahadith that are weak or even fabricated while other are authentic ahadith collected in volumes. The collections of ahadith include Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Abu Dawud, Sahih Muslim and others.

Importance of Hadith:

There is great importance of hadith in Islam and we can understand this significance via following points;

Hadith is a source of knowledge:

Hadith is the source of knowledge for the Muslims after Quran. It teaches the Muslims to do certain things and to refrain from some specific things. There is a mention of many things in Quran about which we can find details in Hadith. For example, there is a mention of namaz in Quran and in Hadith, there is explanation of how to perform namaz. Thus, Hadith tells Muslims about how to performe their duties as well.

Hadith guides Muslims:

As hadith is a source of knowledge so it guides people to the right path. It guides Muslims about importance of the duties and rights of Muslims. Moreover, Hadith guides the Muslims about doing good deeds and explains to them about the punishment of sins. Hadith is a great source of guidance for Muslims and they can learn many things about daily life from ahadith. There is guidance about little to big things in Hadith.

Record of the life of Holy Prophet (SAWW):

Another importance of Hadith is that it is a record of life of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) as his actions in written form are the part of hadith. In this way, Muslims even after centuries, know about the beautiful life of their Holy Prophet (SAWW). Moreover, Muslims should follow the footsteps of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) with the help of hadith to become a good Muslim and human being.

What is hadith? is a question of great importance and Muslims must know the correct answer to this question. In our daily life, we take help from Hadith to seek guidance about different matters of our life. Therefore, knowing about the basics and significance of hadith was also important and we tried to answer this question in order to clear your mind and give you knowledge about hadith.

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